Tik Tok Poetry Challenge 2022

Unravel your creative mind with wordplays.

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About this challenge

UCSI College is hosting its first English Poetry Challenge that aims to intensify young students’ minds by encouraging them to express their thoughts creatively and cultivate their ideas, imaginations and talents within.

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Stage 1

  • Groups of 3 students to prepare a poem on one of the following themes:
    • Social media
    • Covid-19
    • If you were given the opportunity to lead your life the way you wanted, how would it be?
  • Submission period free verse written poem in PDF format and TikTok video (3-5 minutes) to be submitted here.
  • Submission period: 11 – 24 September 2022 (before 5pm)
  • File name should be renamed as student group name
  • Any submission after the deadline will not be entertained
  • Shortlisted winners will be announced via email on 3 October 2022 and will progress to the final stage. Their TikTok videos will be displayed on tiktok.com/@ucsicollege
  • Any entries illustrating illegal substance/activity, abusive, offensive, inappropriate, or discriminatory conduct will be disqualified.

Stage 2

  • The shortlisted teams need to get “likes” on their TikTok video posted on UCSI COLLEGE TIK TOK Page within the period: 3-13 October 2022 (before 5 pm)
  • Top 3 videos with the most likes will win and the winners will be announced via Microsoft Teams on 15 October 2022

Rules For Shortlisting Participants

  • Each team should consist three(3) students, under the supervision of their school teacher as their advisor
  • All participants must be a SPM/IGCSE/or equivalent student
  • Schools can send as many teams as they desire
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Rules And Regulations


A confirmation email will be sent by the Organiser upon each successful registration.


Please ensure the registered email account is active.


The competition will be carried out on various digital platforms which require a coverage of internet network allowing high speed data transfer for the purpose of smooth audio/video conferencing. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure this is in place before the competition takes place.


The Judges/Organisers’ decision on all matters relating to the Contest shall be final and binding and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision would be entertained.


No foul, insensitive, obscene, racist and/or sexual words and/or situations are strictly prohibited in the poems.


If at any time during or after the competition, a winner is found to have not complied with any of the Rules and Regulations, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel and/or recover the claimed prize at their sole discretion. In such a situation, the winning team will be disqualified, and the panel of judges will determine a new winning team.


Members of the winning teams should be available for the post-competition production, recording and publicity of the competition, such as:

  • Interview (which shall be videotaped)
  • Taking of still photographs, audio or visual recording for promotions and publicity purposes.

The Organisers reserve the right to vary, postpone or reschedule the dates and venues of the competition or extend the competition period at their sole discretion.


By participating in this competition, the contestants accept, understand and shall ensure all team members, chaperones, and their respective institution’s authorities agree to be bounded by the competition’s Rules and Regulations.



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UCSI Bursary* RM30,000


Cash Prize RM1,000


Certificate for Students and Teacher Advisor

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1st Runner-Up

UCSI Bursary* RM24,000


Cash Prize RM800


Certificate for Students and Teacher Advisor

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2nd Runner-Up

UCSI Bursary* RM15,000


Cash Prize RM500


Certificate for Students and Teacher Advisor

*Terms & conditions apply

Certificate of Participation for all participants and advisors

Certificates for each winning teams in qualifying to the final stage; Champion, First Runner-Up & Second Runner-up

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Poem and video submission deadline:

24 September 2022
(before 5pm)

Announcement of shortlisted:

3 October 2022

Announcement of the winner:

15 October 2022